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galactic News – Galnet News https://news.galnet.fr Official Galnet in English et en français Thu, 08 Dec 2022 18:49:00 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.22 Chase Admits Kingfisher Mission ‘A Mistake’ https://news.galnet.fr/chase-admits-kingfisher-mission-a-mistake/ Tue, 06 Dec 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/chase-admits-kingfisher-mission-a-mistake/ Congressman Dalton Chase has made a public statement regretting his involvement with the Thargoid Advocacy Project.

Chase became a member of Congress after an electoral campaign focusing on inter-species diplomatic relations. He was a key organiser and fundraiser for the Kingfisher megaship, which attempted to open communications with the Taranis entity but was subsequently destroyed with no survivors.

In a press statement delivered from Olympus Village on Mars, Congressman Chase announced:

“The tragic fate that befell the Kingfisher has affected me deeply. I now recognise that sourcing the means for those activists to intercept Taranis was, however well intentioned, a mistake. Such an endeavour should not have been attempted by inexperienced citizens, no matter their courage and tenacity.”

“In honour of those brave people, I pledge to focus on proposals to introduce xeno-diplomacy as Federal policy. Rather than civilians needing to risk their lives, we should be bringing such operations to the Federal Navy at a congressional level.”

Secretary of State Lana Berkovich has petitioned Congress to launch an investigation into Chase’s involvement with the xeno-peace movement. She described his role in the loss of over 3,000 lives as “beyond reckless”.

Although the Thargoid Advocacy Project has faltered following the Kingfisher incident, some of its core members were recently involved in organising anti-authoritarian rallies. According to former spokesperson Timothy Culver:

“The superpowers’ involvement in the massacre at HIP 22460, when they supported Salvation’s attempted xenocide, makes them responsible for the Thargoids launching this counterstrike. We need to bring our leaders to account.”

Refugees Flee from Thargoid Offensive https://news.galnet.fr/refugees-flee-from-thargoid-offensive/ Mon, 05 Dec 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/refugees-flee-from-thargoid-offensive/ Millions of people are being evacuated from systems that have suffered devastating attacks by Thargoid fleets.

An enormous humanitarian effort is underway, with rescue megaships positioned at key locations near each Thargoid-occupied system. Captain Justine Kemp of Rescue Ship Hutner, currently stationed in Enayex, described their operations to Vox Galactica:

“As per newly established procedures, all contracted transports carrying refugees from systems facing Thargoid invasion are directed to our landing bays. Emergency teams perform triage services and give direct aid where possible. But the focus is on quickly processing them for relocation to temporary housing, away from the warzones.”

“This is the most intense situation I’ve ever had to deal with. We’re taking in enormous numbers of people, not just from starports but from planetary settlements too. Virtually everything in some of these systems is ablaze, and the refugees just keep coming.”

Vox Galactica also published a selection of soundbites from various civilians escaping from Thargoid-occupied systems:

“It all happened so fast. Our family was eating together when the whole port seemed to shake. My son had befriended a trader who’d landed a few days ago, and he convinced her to take us on board her Hauler. The lurches as we weaved through Thargoid ships almost made me bring up the food we’d been enjoying minutes earlier.”

“I was at a starport observation window when their ships, those weird star-shaped things, zipped right past. Then the other side of the habitat ring just vanished. Fire and splinters of metal… All the sirens blared, and the crowds surged toward the bays. Heat filled the corridors and smoke clogged our lungs. I didn’t even see the ship I ended up on, only a sea of panicked faces smeared with grime.”

“I’m looking for my dad. He was injured when I last saw him. Burns from that green corrosive stuff that punched through our quarters. The Commander didn’t have room on his ship for everyone. I convinced him to take my dad first. But now I can’t find him. The medics don’t have time to talk to me. I hope he’s here somewhere. He’s got to be here somewhere.”

New Maelstroms Increase Thargoid Conquests https://news.galnet.fr/new-maelstroms-increase-thargoid-conquests/ Thu, 01 Dec 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/new-maelstroms-increase-thargoid-conquests/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Two more rogue signal sources have reached human space, wreaking similar destruction to the Taranis Maelstrom.

The Indra anomaly arrived in the HIP 20567 system, with the Leigong anomaly slowing to a halt in HIP 8887. The Maelstroms, as these entities have been classified, both manifested as enormous gaseous clouds. These are known to be extremely hazardous to any ship venturing too close, but the nature of what lies within remains unknown.

As with Taranis, each new Maelstrom pre-empted staggering numbers of Thargoid vessels flooding nearby populated systems. Recent reports indicate that the alien fleets have completely dominated 9 systems in proximity to HIP 20567 and none close to HIP 8887. Starports, settlements and outposts have all been devastated or abandoned, with the total number of casualties unknown but feared considerable.

A total of 16 systems are currently facing active Thargoid invasions and are transmitting emergency calls for assistance. Rescue megaships have been designated as the gateway destination for refugees. The superpowers have also positioned anti-xeno capital ships to defend Allied, Federal and Imperial territories that have been invaded.

Public media channels have expressed grave concerns about the remaining rogue signal sources, which are en route to the core systems. It is expected that these will establish five more Maelstroms, each generating a new wave of Thargoid forces. With the combined death toll rapidly climbing, civil and military authorities alike are scrambling to implement a suitable response.

Vista Genomics Boosts Biodata Payouts https://news.galnet.fr/vista-genomics-boosts-biodata-payouts/ Tue, 29 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/vista-genomics-boosts-biodata-payouts/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The exobiology company Vista Genomics has increased payments for genetic data collected by independent pilots.

Dr Klaus-Peter Sonnek , one of the corporation’s research directors, outlined the changes in a press release:

“Public and corporate interest in xenology-related fields remains high, but recent Thargoid aggression has increased the risk in collecting of such data. Vista Genomics is well-placed to incentivise the continued collection of samples. Therefore, we can officially confirm that substantially improved financial rewards will be offered for all genetic data submitted via our outlets.”

“We are also aware of many civil and military projects focusing on the Thargoids, a species that makes extensive use of biomechanical technology. There is enormous value in gathering as much exobiology data as possible to provide comparative baselines for anti-xeno research efforts.”

Commanders can use the Genetic Sampler tool to acquire genetic data from various species of alien flora found on planetary surfaces. This can be sold on the concourses of ports, megaships and fleet carriers which have an active Vista Genomics vendor.

In other news, Sirius Corporation has announced that its popular modified heatsinks and anti-xeno missile rack have been made available to pilots via its company tech brokers. Active Sirius Corporation megaships – Chariot of Rhea, El Centinela Cadejo, Kumiho Sky, Spirit of Laelaps and The Witness Odysseus – now host Sirius tech brokers on board.

Taranis Unleashes Thargoid Invasion Fleets https://news.galnet.fr/taranis-unleashes-thargoid-invasion-fleets/ Tue, 29 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/taranis-unleashes-thargoid-invasion-fleets/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Taranis anomaly has arrived in Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6, triggering a ferocious wave of Thargoid attacks in the region.

Multiple inhabited systems are experiencing wide-scale invasions by countless numbers of Thargoid vessels, with casualties expected to number millions in the coming days. Several systems have already reported a complete loss of human control, with ports abandoned amid heavy losses.

The Alliance Defence Force and Federal Navy have responded by sending capital ships, which will support independent pilots and anti-xeno squadrons. Neither superpower has entered the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system, from which the Thargoid fleets seem to be emanating.

There have been conflicting descriptions of the rogue signal source itself, which finally slowed to a halt after weeks of faster-than-light travel. Dr Remy Leroux, a xenologist working for Professor Palin, transmitted a garbled report describing Taranis as “not a single object but a colossal swirling maelstrom of some kind”, before all contact was lost.

These initial reports have not been verified, and many authorities consider them to be unreliable or exaggerated. However, warnings have been issued that the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Speaking to The Alliance Tribune, Admiral Rachel Ziegler remarked: “Our focus at present is on defending the populated systems from swarms of highly aggressive Thargoids. Whatever this ‘maelstrom’ actually is, it’s clearly been sent with the purpose of eradicating human influence in the region.”

Militaries on Alert as Taranis Approaches https://news.galnet.fr/militaries-on-alert-as-taranis-approaches/ Mon, 28 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/militaries-on-alert-as-taranis-approaches/ The Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system has been identified as the location where the rogue signal source named Taranis will finally arrive.

Professor Ishmael Palin gave a statement to confirm the findings of several scientific groups:

“Data correlated from many long-range scans proves that the anomaly’s velocity is reducing steadily. At its present rate of descent, Taranis will arrive at Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 in approximately 24 hours. I have sent a research team, led by my colleague Dr Leroux, to gather data on its arrival.”

Admiral Maxton Price of the Federal Navy commented:

“Fortunately, this particular system is uninhabited so no populations are directly at risk. We are monitoring the situation rather than deploying capital ships. Civilian traffic is ordered not to enter Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 until we know more about Taranis’s capabilities.”

The Alliance Defence Force issued a similar announcement from Admiral Rachel Ziegler:

“The Thargoids’ overall strategy remains unknown, as does the true nature of these rogue signal sources. But there is certainly no reason to place ourselves in their path intentionally. It’s possible that, as with HIP 22460, the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system could become a no-go zone occupied by an overwhelming number of Thargoid vessels.”

Despite making no official statement, it is believed that the Imperial Navy is likewise holding back from deploying a military fleet to the Taranis anomaly. Independent analysts have suggested that the destruction of the Kingfisher megaship in Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 has contributed to the superpowers’ caution, with capital ship losses in HIP 22460 also fresh in the memory.

Xeno-Peace Supporters Killed by Thargoids https://news.galnet.fr/xeno-peace-supporters-killed-by-thargoids/ Fri, 25 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/xeno-peace-supporters-killed-by-thargoids/ Investigations in the Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system have confirmed that Thargoid vessels attacked and destroyed the Kingfisher megaship.

Vox Galactica published this on-the-scene report from field correspondent Ernesto Rios:

“Independent and Federal sources have verified that the Kingfisher was struck by multiple barrages from Thargoid weaponry. Medical teams are currently exploring the wreckage of the megaship in search of crew and passengers. Sadly, from what I’ve seen, the scale of the damage suggests that the chances of survival are extremely low.”

“Further confirmation came with the discovery of a log made by Dr Elias Pope of Orion University, who was overseeing attempts to communicate with the Thargoids. Although I have yet to hear this recording myself, it apparently describes exactly what happened when the Taranis anomaly passed through the system.”

“As news of the tragedy spreads, it has triggered a vociferous backlash against the Thargoid Advocacy Project. This fringe group recently gained a degree of respectability with the involvement of Congressman Dalton Chase and other media figures. But now there is widespread anger that, as Sol Today’s editorial put it, ‘Thousands of people were sent to die based on a vague hope that these alien warmongers might suddenly play nice.’”

“Congressman Chase himself told the press that he is reviewing the latest reports from Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1, and cannot yet make any official comment. As the public face of the Kingfisher mission, it’s likely that any formal demands for accountability will be directed his way.”

“Meanwhile, Taranis draws ever closer to human-inhabited space. The Kingfisher’s destruction proves definitively that the rogue signal sources are of Thargoid origin, and that their intentions are hostile. With the prospect of the Second Thargoid War escalating to new levels, tensions throughout the core systems have never been higher.”

Kingfisher Megaship Vanishes https://news.galnet.fr/kingfisher-megaship-vanishes/ Thu, 24 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/kingfisher-megaship-vanishes/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Contact has been lost with the Kingfisher megaship in the Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system, just over a day since its arrival.

The Kingfisher was equipped to transmit signals to the interstellar anomaly named Taranis, with the goal of opening communications with it should such a possibility exist. Over 3,000 supporters of the xeno-peace movement were aboard the megaship when it departed the Andavandul system.

Rani Zaman , a spokesperson for the Thargoid Advocacy Project team monitoring long-range comms with the megaship, issued a statement to the media:

“I regret to say that all attempts to raise the Kingfisher on any frequency have failed. The last message we received was highly distorted, but seemed to be a distress call. We are asking for immediate assistance to locate the megaship and provide whatever support may be needed.”

The Federation responded by cancelling the temporary permit restriction to the Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system for all vessels except fleet carriers. This permit was arranged at the request of Congressman Dalton Chase, who played a key role in procuring the Kingfisher megaship for use by TAP volunteers. With access to the system reinstated, Federal investigators have been despatched to assess the situation.

Observers have confirmed that the Taranis anomaly passed through Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 at faster-than-light speed. As with the other rogue signal sources, Taranis continues to move towards the core systems.

Praise for the Pro-Peace Project https://news.galnet.fr/praise-for-the-pro-peace-project/ Wed, 23 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/praise-for-the-pro-peace-project/ Congressman Dalton Chase has applauded the increased public support for the goal of opening diplomatic channels with the Thargoids.

During an exclusive interview with ICE-caster Joy Senne, he said:

“Not so long ago, the idea of communicating with the Thargoids seemed absurd. But look at what’s happening in Andavandul right now! There’s so much support from the galactic community. People are placing their faith in a better future than just endless warfare.”

“My only regret is that I won’t be joining my fellow campaigners aboard the Kingfisher after all. The duties of my new congressional position mean that my diary has become full extremely quickly, with many commitments to uphold. But I’ll be travelling with them in spirit as they journey out to meet Taranis, and prove to its Thargoid controllers that humanity is ready to co-exist peacefully.”

Joy Senne revealed that she had planned to ICE-cast a live show from the Kingfisher megaship, as it encountered the interstellar anomaly known as Taranis in the Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system:

“I was so disappointed when they told me that only direct transmissions aimed at Taranis would be permitted, to avoid confusing the ‘stargoid’ with other signals. Our good friend Heimar Borichev was due to join the crew today, but he messaged me less than an hour ago saying he’d fallen ill unexpectedly. So it’s left to the brave volunteers – we’re counting on you, Kingfisher!”

The Sovereign newsfeed confirmed these plans for its deputy editor, adding that opinion polls in independent systems suggested a 32% approval rate for the Thargoid Advocacy Project. Allied and Federal media primarily view the xeno-peace movement as ‘misguided’, while in the Empire the most common keyword associated with them is ‘suicidal’.

Kingfisher Megaship Makes Final Preparations https://news.galnet.fr/kingfisher-megaship-makes-final-preparations/ Tue, 22 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/kingfisher-megaship-makes-final-preparations/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Kingfisher megaship has received commodities in advance of its mission to communicate with the first rogue signal source.

The Thargoid Advocacy Project reported that the shipments of semiconductors and Muon Imagers will contribute to the communications array aboard the megaship. The deliveries of basic medicines, fruit and vegetables will be made available to its crew and passengers, which include thousands of pro-peace supporters.

Deutsche Elite Piloten Interstellar has announced that contributors can now collect payment from Blenkinsop Hub in the Andavandul system. This includes bounty voucher reimbursements for all pilots who eliminated criminal vessels threatening deliveries during the initiative.

The Kingfisher will tomorrow make the journey from Andavandul to the permit-locked Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system. The first of the rogue signal sources, which has been named Taranis, will travel through the system within the next 48 hours. The precise nature of these faster-than-light anomalies remains unknown, but it is now accepted that they are of Thargoid origin.

Scheduling conflicts have prevented Congressman Dalton Chase from leading the diplomatic mission, despite his prominent role in organising the Kingfisher’s construction. The Sovereign’s deputy editor Heimar Borichev, another vocal supporter of the xeno-peace has announced plans to report from on board the megaship.

Public Unnerved by Palin Announcement https://news.galnet.fr/public-unnerved-by-palin-announcement/ Tue, 15 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/public-unnerved-by-palin-announcement/ The announcement that the rogue signal sources heading towards the core systems are Thargoid in origin has caused unease within the general public.

Protests in systems on the edges of human space have taken place, demanding assurances from local governments about their safety. The failure to establish a collective human fleet to counter Thargoid incursions has left many concerned about what the future may hold.

Casey Kilpatrick provided this report from Castellan Station in Lave:

“Colleagues across multiple systems have confirmed that the impending arrival of the rogue signal sources – termed ‘stargoids’ by some in network media – has led to a shared sense of anxiety. ICE networks are seeing high interest in topics related to Thargoids, with negative sentiment aimed at politicians and military figures seen as responsible for the Proteus Wave event which perhaps attracted the anomalies. Witnesses report families transporting all they own to ships bound for the opposite side of the bubble.”

“Palin’s opinion that humanity may not be ready for what happens next has been criticised as needlessly alarming. While Palin is a brilliant scientist, his communication skills have been called ‘less than ideal’ in recent days. Yet his supporters, particularly among academics, have argued that it would be cowardly to hide the truth. If humanity is truly in danger, the statement at least could prompt a fresh allocation of resources to military organisations while also giving independents time to prepare.”

“Vista Genomics has reportedly contacted the team working alongside Professor Palin with a proposal to share its genetic database with ongoing research projects. The potential importance of such data may precede an increase in payments to those who record and submit genetic samples.”

“The news has also caused a stir across most financial markets. The main issue is the unpredictability of what this could mean for primary industries and their ability to maintain traditional supply and demand. The cost of goods and services may be impacted across clusters of systems. The Bank of Zaonce has announced it is monitoring the situation and is preparing several potential strategies in the event of an interstellar recession.”

“In conclusion, most are left with a rather unpalatable course of action: To sit and wait. No superpower has announced a means to prevent the Thargoid anomalies from reaching us. Palin’s announcement has hypothesised on what the signals may be, but could not confirm what they will do. It appears that we will all find out together, for better or worse.”

Coalsack Nebula Reports Thargoid Activity https://news.galnet.fr/coalsack-nebula-reports-thargoid-activity/ Tue, 15 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/coalsack-nebula-reports-thargoid-activity/ forces appeared several systems.

Following recent attacks on systems and vessels in the California Nebula, it appears that the Thargoids have again sought to occupy systems where barnacle fields are present on planet surfaces.

Councillor Lewis Laychurch, representing the Alliance Expeditionary Pact in HIP 62154, provided the following to the Alliance Tribune:

“Our security craft regularly patrol between the populated systems in this region. We had the first reports of nonhuman signals this morning. Obviously we’ve seen Thargoid activity in the Coalsack Nebula several times before, but this time was different. It’s not an attack as much as a presence.”

“We witnessed a huge upsurge in these signals in multiple systems. Over a couple of hours, it felt like Thargoid activity was visible on scanners wherever our ships looked. It’s exclusively in areas with barnacle sites, too.”

Now, there’s no secret that the Thargoids aren’t happy with our interest in the meta-alloys those sites produce. But this time they’re not attacking ports, or either the Spirit of Nysa or Song of Mecchi megaships. It’s like they’re waiting for something.”

The described behaviour matches similar Thargoid incursions into other populated systems in recent weeks. Researchers in the nebula have withdrawn from ongoing field studies of barnacle sites, citing safety concerns.

In other news, Azimuth Biotech has announced that the Glorious Prospect will distribute the Mbooni permit from the LHS 1163 system, instead of the T-Tauri system as planned. Federal authorities offered protection to the megaship to reduce the travel time between the two locations, granting combat pilots swift access to the anti-xeno weaponry offered at Prospect’s Deep.

Further FSS Scanner Upgrade Released https://news.galnet.fr/further-fss-scanner-upgrade-released/ Fri, 11 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/further-fss-scanner-upgrade-released/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

A version of the FSS scanning software used to track the Thargoid anomalies has been made available to the Pilots’ Federation.

Commanders should experience reduced interference when using the full spectrum system (FSS) scanner to focus on the anomalies. The team leading the development of the software, however, warned that the resultant clarity has done little to ease the concerns of Professor Palin, Ram Tah and other leading scientists.

Lori Jameson, an engineer contributing to the FSS scanner’s software calibration, commented:

“We’re pleased with the update and are happy to share it with Commanders, who have provided much of the data used by the institutions researching the rogue signal sources. Representatives of Canonn Interstellar Research Group, Orion University and Universal Cartographics have also helped greatly. I just wish the results generated a more promising picture.”

“I understand the calls for peace that we’ve been hearing more of. But judging by the feedback these signals are emitting, they’re
 well, I’m trying not to push my opinions on others. I urge Commanders to take a look with the FSS scanner for themselves.”

The update has been delivered to all registered Pilots’ Federation vessels free of charge.

Azimuth Claim Expensive Success https://news.galnet.fr/azimuth-claim-expensive-success/ Thu, 10 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/azimuth-claim-expensive-success/ The recent Azimuth Biotech initiative to expand its operation assets has been described as a ‘partial success’.

A primary goal of obtaining sufficient resources to establish a new anti-xeno megaship has been met, Azimuth CEO Torben Rademaker announced. The megaship is expected to be operational within the next few weeks.

Opponents of the weapons research corporation, seeking to disrupt the campaign, mobilised forces to engage Azimuth security vessels. While unable to prevent sufficient deliveries from reaching the Musashi, it is thought these pilots inflicted significant losses on the Azimuth fleet.

“We are delighted with the support shown to Azimuth Biotech by independent pilots, and look to the future with optimism,” said Rademaker. “We will soon deploy a new AX megaship to lead our mobile operations. Setbacks inflicted by anarchic opponents of progress have delayed our plans to establish planetary research bases, however. This persistent antagonism will have to be resolved separately.”

Along with credit rewards, qualifying pilots that contributed to the delivery campaign will receive the Mbooni permit shortly, granting access to Azimuth’s selection of AX weaponry. Rademaker confirmed that the Glorious Prospect megaship will now sell this permit from the T-Tauri system permanently.

Pilots who fought for Azimuth Biotech will also receive overcharged Guardian plasma chargers in storage at the Musashi, providing they reaches the contribution threshold. Those who fought against Azimuth will receive rapid-fire multi-cannons with phasing sequence from Wandrama Purple Council soon, collectable from MacLean City.

Understanding the ‘Thargoid Roar’ https://news.galnet.fr/understanding-the-thargoid-roar/ Thu, 10 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/understanding-the-thargoid-roar/ Professor Alba Tesreau, Professor Ishmael Palin and Ram Tah have released a joint statement regarding the alien sound heard at HIP 22460.

“There has been much speculation about the mysterious noise that was recorded following the Battle of HIP 22460, which is clearly of Thargoid origin. Thanks to the help of Seo Jin-ae, formerly known as Subject D-2, we have started to comprehend some of its meaning.”

“What was audible to humans was only part of a complex multi-frequency transmission, amplified by the energy surging through the Thargoid surface site which housed the Proteus Wave weapon. Its specifics remain indecipherable for the moment, but certain aspects were isolated with the aid of Ms Seo, whose unique neural implants were designed to interface with Thargoid technology.”

“She believes there is a ‘call and response’ element, as if the signal was a reply to the Thargoid forces in HIP 22460. This was interwoven with a sense of acknowledgement and focus, which Ms Seo described as: ‘We see them. We are coming.’”

“Further insights from Ms Seo plus advanced audio analysis leads us to conclude that the sound emanated from a single Thargoid entity, and was transmitted with more power than anything previously encountered.”

“Popular theory has linked this ‘Thargoid roar’ to the anomalies known as rogue signal sources, which are currently converging on the core systems. Seo Jin-ae appears convinced that, whatever their ultimate motive may be, they have been deployed by the Thargoids as a direct response to Salvation’s Proteus Wave weapon.”

“We solemnly predict that the Second Thargoid War is about to enter a new phase, and humanity may not yet be prepared to withstand it.”

Xeno-Peace Champion Elected to Congress https://news.galnet.fr/xeno-peace-champion-elected-to-congress/ Mon, 07 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/xeno-peace-champion-elected-to-congress/ Dalton Chase, the former governor of Andavandul 1, has become a Federal congressman following victory in the recent special election.

Despite his relative youth and inexperience, many voters within the congressional district were influenced by Chase’s charm and positive campaign message. His enthusiasm for opening diplomatic relations with the Thargoids resonated with younger voters. The Liberal Party also ran a creative PR campaign across social channels, which was amplified by many counter-cultural ICE-casters.

After formally swearing in and taking his oath of office, Congressman Chase proclaimed:

“I’m conscious that some view me as unorthodox or contrarian, perhaps even ‘soft on Thargoids’. But I take the security of the Federation as seriously as any of my honourable colleagues. Achieving peace with another species, and thereby saving the lives of countless Federal citizens, would be considered the great moral victory of our generation.”

Congratulations were offered by Shadow President Felicia Winters, who referred to Chase as a “spirited addition to our ranks”. Political analysts observed that she made no mention of his affiliation with the xeno-peace movement. Although some in the Liberal Party have expressed sympathy with its intentions, the majority consider it too radical to ever be officially endorsed.

Key members of the Thargoid Advocacy Project have thanked Congressman Chase for helping to establish the pro-peace megaship, Kingfisher. This is currently being outfitted with specialist technology designed to transmit signals of various types, in the hope of being able to effect two-way communication with the Thargoids.

Peace with the Thargoids? https://news.galnet.fr/peace-with-the-thargoids/ Wed, 02 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/peace-with-the-thargoids/ The rise of the xeno-peace movement has caused a number of public figures to discuss coexisting peacefully with the Thargoid race.

With military options currently under discussion in the political capitals of all three superpowers, calls for diplomacy have sought to keep pace. Professor Shamus Madigan, Head of Xenology at Olympus Village University, is one of several figures to have weighed in on the matter:

“The ancient records of the Guardians, as deciphered by Ram Tah, describe how they learned enough of the Thargoids’ language to make peaceful overtures. These were rejected in favour of total war. Though millions of years have passed, it seems improbable that the Thargoids will view humanity any differently – particularly since we actively deploy Guardian-based weaponry against them.”

Federal Governor Dalton Chase:

“Assuming the communications barrier can be broken, I see no reason why we cannot have non-violent relations with these obviously intelligent beings. The recently consigned pro-peace megaship will help demonstrate to the Thargoids that we are not a single-minded warlike race, but a fellow advanced civilisation.”

Jaya Chaudhary , host of historical ICE-cast ‘Ghastly Pasts’:

“Human-Thargoid diplomacy might have been possible when our two species first encountered each other. But since then we have made two attempts to eradicate them, first with the mycoid compound and then with the Proteus Wave superweapon. Let’s be honest: would we want to talk to an alien race that did that to us?”

Ambassador Jasmina Halsey, former president of the Federation:

“We have discovered a little about the Thargoids’ history, behaviour and technologies. But their thought processes and reasoning may be utterly different to our own. I have no idea if they even comprehend what diplomacy is, let alone whether we could find common ground. But I do know that we must try, if only to prove to ourselves that we can do better.”

Council of Admirals Divided Over Unified Fleet https://news.galnet.fr/council-of-admirals-divided-over-unified-fleet/ Tue, 01 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/council-of-admirals-divided-over-unified-fleet/ The Alliance Defence Force has been unable to reach a consensus over the proposal to combine the superpowers’ forces against the Thargoids.

Admirals Liam Flanagan , George Varma and Rachel Ziegler all openly support the concept of a unified fleet formed of Allied, Federal and Imperial vessels. However, Admirals Nikolas Glass, Maristela Silva and Tahir West have rejected this in favour of focusing on the strategic defence pact with Sirius Corporation.

Fleet Admiral Hayley Sorokin, the highest ranking officer in the Alliance Defence Force, has yet to reveal her own view. When pressed by a journalist from the Old Worlds Gazette, she commented: “A decision of such magnitude is more political than military, and therefore the province of the Assembly.”

There was a more forthright statement from Admiral Ziegler, who previously commanded an Allied anti-xeno taskforce:

“This refusal to accept that we must come together to fight the Thargoids is enormously disappointing. Many of our counterparts in the Federal Navy are keen to increase links between militaries, and I firmly believe that we would soon convince the Empire to join us. We must not indefinitely rule out re-establishing Aegis or a similar anti-xeno initiative.”

In related news, Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran has proposed a bill to the Assembly approving the reformation of Aegis. However, this has not received enough support to be formally debated and would achieve little without similar acts in the Federal Congress or Imperial Senate.

Empire Dismisses Calls for Aegis Return https://news.galnet.fr/empire-dismisses-calls-for-aegis-return/ Mon, 31 Oct 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/empire-dismisses-calls-for-aegis-return/ The Imperial Senate has debated contributing to anti-xeno activities such as Aegis or a unified superpower fleet.

Senator Caspian Leopold initiated the discussions among his colleagues, stating:

“One would never criticise Her Majesty’s priority to defend the Empire above all else. Nevertheless, we face an adversary that how shown no sign of understanding humanity’s many political, social or cultural distinctions. To them there is no Empire. Our citizens are simply more humans for the Thargoids to destroy.”

“If we were to share our research and resources with a reformed Aegis, might we not end the Second Thargoid War sooner?”

Imperial Admiral of the Fleet, Denton Patreus, responded:

“Let me be clear: Aegis has been consigned to history. Likewise, the idea of unifying all three superpower fleets is a completely impractical fantasy. We can best serve the Empire by reinforcing the Imperial Navy and other military forces serving the Emperor.”

“I assure you, senators, that we are closely monitoring Thargoid activity and the threat is currently contained. The anomalous signals moving towards the core systems are being tracked. But should any xeno force encroach upon Imperial territory, we are more than ready.”

The issue was laid to rest Chancellor Anders Blaine:

“Esteemed colleagues, there is great honour in exploring how best to protect our people from the alien foe. But I must remind you: a decree from the Emperor cannot be overruled, not even by this august chamber. The Empire will abstain from collaborating with the Alliance, Federation or any other foreign nation until Her Majesty wishes otherwise.”

Superpowers Discuss Unified Anti-Xeno Fleet https://news.galnet.fr/superpowers-discuss-unified-anti-xeno-fleet/ Fri, 28 Oct 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/superpowers-discuss-unified-anti-xeno-fleet/ Ambassadors of all three superpowers have held emergency talks following the California nebula attacks, with a united military fleet the primary topic.

Political journalist Conrad Sterling provided this report for Vox Galactica:

“The public demand to address the evolving Thargoid threat has led to key military personnel suggesting that the Allied, Federal and Imperial naval fleets could work in concert for the duration of the war. This once-inconceivable notion seems more plausible following the coalition in HIP 22460, despite the regrettable outcome of that operation.”

“Sources have confirmed that Admiral Rachel Ziegler sought to contact Admiral Maxton Price directly, to discuss ways in which the Alliance Defence Force and Federal Navy might collaborate. Others have openly supported the idea of ‘a glorious grand armada to wipe out the alien hordes,’ as Vice Admiral Juno Rochester phrased it.”

“However, there has been little in the way of political enthusiasm, with neither the Assembly nor Congress willing to debate the topic. Many leaders had their fingers burnt by aiding Salvation, which could dissuade them from extending the hand of comradeship once again.”

“And then there is the Empire, which lacks any interest in further collaboration with outside governments or organisations. While the Emperor pursues her new path of Imperial isolationism, the Imperial Navy’s might cannot be relied upon to protect Allied, Federal or independent systems from Thargoid attack.”

“Nevertheless, the prospect of resurrecting the anti-xeno agency Aegis continues to gain traction. Professor Tesreau’s recent symposium outlined plans for a new incarnation that would avoid the mistakes of the past. Even if we never see a grand human armada, the call for unity could manifest in a number of other ways.”

Interstellar Initiative & CG – Galnet News https://news.galnet.fr Official Galnet in English et en français Thu, 08 Dec 2022 18:49:00 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.22 Plans for Enhanced AX Weaponry Accelerate https://news.galnet.fr/plans-for-enhanced-ax-weaponry-accelerate/ Tue, 06 Dec 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/plans-for-enhanced-ax-weaponry-accelerate/ Two leading engineers have revealed designs to improve the stock anti-xeno weaponry available to pilots.

Liz Ryder and Zacariah Nemo have provided module modifications for many years, specialising in explosive and kinetic weapons respectively. Over the past year they have collaborated privately on the AX weapon designs introduce by Aegis in 3303, seeking to improve the efficiency of delivering a compound, hazardous to Thargoid vessels, which tips AX ammunition.

While something of a pet project between the two, the recent invasion of human space by Thargoid forces has made the need for these designs far more urgent. Ryder explained to The Imperial Herald:

“Zac and I share a passion for weapon upgrades, and have often used this project as a way to unwind after a long week’s work. He’s a weird guy but fascinating to work with. But when the Taranis signal arrived and the Thargoid forces started taking control of systems, we knew we had to reveal the designs to the public.”

“They’re not quite ready to go, though, which is why we’re only announcing the project now. We’re going to need help from independent pilots to finish off the prototypes and get a manufacturing base set up.”

The designs would improve the effectiveness of both the fixed and turreted AX multi-cannon and missile rack designs. A gimballed AX multi-cannon is also scheduled, with a campaign to introduce this coming next week.

Details about each weapon’s project is available from most mission boards.

The Kingfisher Xeno-Peace Mission https://news.galnet.fr/the-kingfisher-xeno-peace-mission/ Thu, 17 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/the-kingfisher-xeno-peace-mission/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Kingfisher megaship has requested supplies for its planned journey to greet the first rogue signal source.

Shipments of basic medicines, fruit and vegetables are required for the Kingfisher’s crew, who will be joined by over 3,000 supporters of the Thargoid Advocacy Project. Semiconductors and Muon Imagers have also been requested to establish the mission’s communications arrays, which are being designed to initiate contact with the Thargoids.

Congressman Dalton Chase gave a press statement regarding the initiative:

“Now that we know the approaching anomalies are Thargoid, many are concerned that hostilities between our species will escalate. However, a brave group of volunteers see this as an opportunity to prove that diplomacy can work. An alien race has sent emissaries toward humanity’s space, and it is our duty to meet them with words rather than weapons.”

“The first of the anomalies, which we have named Taranis, is predicted to pass through Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1. Using the high-level protocols available to Congress, I have successfully obtained a temporary access restriction that grants an exclusive permit to the Kingfisher. A range of broadcasts using multiple techniques will try to attract the Thargoids’ attention. Hopefully, the entity will slow down long enough to give some acknowledgement of these attempts.”

The delivery initiative in the Andavandul system is being managed by Deutsche Elite Piloten Interstellar. In order to protect deliveries to Blenkinsop Hub, the faction is offering increased payouts on bounty voucher redemptions.

Azimuth to Expand Operational Assets https://news.galnet.fr/azimuth-to-expand-operational-assets/ Thu, 03 Nov 2022 11:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/azimuth-to-expand-operational-assets/ Azimuth Biotech has announced a campaign in the Wandrama system to expand its military and surface facility capacity.

The controversial weapons developer has seen a recent downturn in fortunes, due to fierce opposition by independent pilots protesting Azimuth’s history of illicit research. The failure of Salvation to bring an end to the war has also soured public sentiment towards the corporation.

Azimuth Biotech CEO Torben Rademaker announced the initiative:

“After a period of reflection, it is time for Azimuth to once again step forward and assume a position of support for the brave pilots engaging Thargoid forces wherever they are encountered. To do this, we shall establish a new megaship equipped to operation in Thargoid-tainted systems. The tragic loss of the Bright Sentinel and Heart of Taurus in HIP 22460 must not hinder our ambition any further.”

“We also intend to operate several surface outposts to aid our research projects. We aim to contribute to humanity’s military options once again, being careful not to repeat the mistakes of our former figurehead.”

Pilots contributing to Azimuth’s campaign, hosted at the Musashi megaship in Wandrama, will be granted the Mbooni permit and access to the company’s range of anti-xeno weaponry. Rademaker has promised that a successful campaign will allow for the Glorious Prospect to offer the Mbooni permit from the T-Tauri system permanently.

Within hours of the announcement, opponents of Azimuth Biotech had organised a counter-campaign to prevent deliveries from reaching Wandrama. Combat between Azimuth security forces and anti-Azimuth activists has been reported in the system. It is believed efforts to derail the campaign are being directed from MacLean City by Wandrama Purple Council.

In an effort to rally combat pilots to their respective causes, both factions are offering module rewards. Azimuth Biotech is offering its overcharged Guardian plasma charger, while Wandrama Purple Council promises a rapid-fire multi-cannon with phasing sequence.

Xeno-Peace Project Gathers Support https://news.galnet.fr/xeno-peace-project-gathers-support/ Thu, 27 Oct 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/xeno-peace-project-gathers-support/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Deliveries to the Andavandul system have enabled the Thargoid Advocacy Project to begin preparations for a diplomatic mission.

Governor Dalton Chase, who is campaigning to become a member of the Federal Congress, arranged the initiative to create a non-partisan envoy vessel. Its objective will be to find ways to open communication with the Thargoids and make peaceful overtures to end the conflict.

Polly French, organiser of a Thargoid Advocacy Project rally in Andavandul, told the media:

“War with the Thargoids represents multiple failures. A failure to imagine coexistence with another intelligent species. A failure to restrain our violent reactions to the unknown. By sending emissaries and opening diplomatic channels, we can prove that human civilisation is advanced enough to seek peace.”

“I am grateful to Governor Chase for his generous funding and promotion of this project. Sincere thanks are also due to all the pilots who transported computer components, semiconductors and titanium, as well as those who fought hard to defend this operation. Personally, I’m very excited to see our new vessel for the first time.”

Deutsche Elite Piloten Interstellar is now offering payment and combat bond reimbursement to all contributors from Blenkinsop Hub in the Andavandul system.

Materials Required for Xeno-Peace Convoy https://news.galnet.fr/materials-required-for-xeno-peace-convoy/ Thu, 20 Oct 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/materials-required-for-xeno-peace-convoy/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Federal Governor Dalton Chase requests deliveries to the Andavandul system to establish a xeno-peace envoy vessel.

The initiative spearheaded by Chase, a member of the Liberal Party who is currently campaigning for a congressional seat, intends to provide a megaship for use in Thargoid Advocacy Project operations. He announced:

“The Federation’s leaders are sworn to protect its people, yet our aggressive interactions with the Thargoids have placed entire systems in great danger. Order of the Far God cultists shouldn’t be the image we conjure when suggesting non-military options. It’s time to prove that we possess the capacity for peaceful relations with other species.”

“The convoy established on behalf of the Thargoid Advocacy Project is a non-partisan diplomatic mission representing humanity’s call for a ceasefire. Its purpose is to find ways to communicate with the Thargoids and make peaceful overtures. Imagine it: diplomatic channels between different races. Peace in our time! Lend us your support to lay this foundation for a more harmonious future.”

Other notable figures in the xeno-peace movement have endorsed Governor Chase’s congressional campaign. Leading ICE-caster Joy Senne has referred to him as ‘our ambassador of hope’. Heimar Borichev revealed that Chase intends to lobby Shadow President Winters to incorporate Thargoid diplomacy into Liberal Party policies.

Deutsche Elite Piloten Interstellar has agreed to host the pro-peace megaship initiative, and will organise payment for shipments of computer components, semiconductors and titanium to Blenkinsop Hub in the Andavandul system. To protect deliveries, Deutsche Elite Piloten Interstellar will also reimburse combat vouchers for all wanted ships.

Operation Tyndareus Reacts to Thargoid Fleet https://news.galnet.fr/operation-tyndareus-reacts-to-thargoid-fleet/ Thu, 06 Oct 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/operation-tyndareus-reacts-to-thargoid-fleet/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Alliance has deployed a reactionary task force to defend the Andecavi system from the Thargoids.

An anti-xeno taskforce, titled Operation Tyndareus, was recently prepared by the Alliance Defence Force in conjunction with Sirius Corporation. This followed the ratification of the strategic defence pact between the superpower and the megacorp.

Admiral Nikolas Glass, the Sirius Navy representative on the Council of Admirals, announced:

“The Thargoids have encroached upon Allied territory, providing an opportunity for Operation Tyndareus to put this newly legislated partnership to the test. The megaships provided by Sirius Corp are on combat readiness for just such an event, and Kumiho Sky has jumped directly to the Andecavi system to act as a mobile base of operations. The ADF will spearhead our counter-attack against the alien forces.”

“These are still early days for our unified anti-xeno efforts, so we are requesting additional support from independent pilots. Sirius Corporation will award its pre-engineered heatsink module to those who destroy adequate numbers of Thargoid vessels.”

The Andecavi system reported the presence of Thargoids over the past forty-eight hours. However, as with recent incursions into other populated systems, no starports have yet been attacked. Sirius Corporation will reimburse Thargoid combat bonds delivered to the Kumiho Sky over the next seven days.

Federal Forces Target the True Chapters https://news.galnet.fr/federal-forces-target-the-true-chapters/ Thu, 29 Sep 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/federal-forces-target-the-true-chapters/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Conflict has erupted in Popontia as the Federation seeks to apprehend True Chapters cultists of the Far God cult.

The Workers of Popontia Free, which is sympathetic to the sect’s right to practise its religion, was outfitting the Dedicant megaship for the chapter’s use. Federal ships have been deployed in the Popontia system with the intention of detaining all cultists and seizing the megaship.

Governor Nadia Machado, representing Popontia Incorporated, declared:

“By order of President Hudson, all Thargoid worshippers are under suspicion of espionage and abetting our alien enemies. The True Chapters group is ordered to surrender for lawful questioning.”

Popontia Incorporated has been tasked with overseeing this mission. Payment has been authorised for Federal auxiliaries and independent pilots willing to pledge their support in subduing True Chapters supporters.

From the Testament megaship, the First Apostle of the True Chapters delivered a broadcast across public channels:

“The Dedicant will be a new home for us to await the Far God’s arrival. We are prepared to die to defend this holy calling. Our recognised patrons in the Workers of Popontia Free will fight to protect us and reward those who aid our cause.”

These unprecedented hostilities were commented on by Dr Alfred Ulyanov, an academic authority on the Order of the Far God:

“This is the first time that members of this faith have not calmly accepted their own fate. According to my research, the First Apostle preaches that the Far God will transform her followers upon Its manifestation, allowing them to survive while the rest of humanity is extinguished. This has evidently motivated True Chapters adherents to abandon their wholly passive stance.”

Both campaigns are being orchestrated by contacts in the system’s primary starport, Ryman Market.

Aisling Requests Rare Items to Fund Charity https://news.galnet.fr/aisling-requests-rare-items-to-fund-charity/ Thu, 22 Sep 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/aisling-requests-rare-items-to-fund-charity/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

A fundraiser hosted by Princess Aisling aims to finance a support network for Imperial citizens affected by Thargoid aggression.

The Citizens’ Relief Trust has been established in the Cemiess system, prompted by the loss of thousands of military personnel during the Battle of HIP 22460. She announced:

“While the Empire is focused on increasing its military strength, we must not forget the human cost of ongoing conflict with the Thargoids. Those who died in battle will be honoured by assisting the families and dependants left to mourn them. The Citizens’ Relief Trust plans to establish support centres to ensure their financial and emotional needs are met.”

“To raise funding, I have requested deliveries of Eshu Umbrellas, Xihe Biomorphic Companions and Chateau De Aegaeon. These luxury commodities will be auctioned or sold at a special gala I plan to host for Imperial nobility, with all proceeds used to establish this network. Wine and fish is also requested to serve to our distinguished guests.”

“Although we cannot help those bereaved families who live beyond the Empire’s borders, I hope that the Citizens’ Relief Trust inspires the creation of similar charities elsewhere.”

Pilots are asked to make their deliveries to Mackenzie Relay starport in the Cemiess system, with planned rewards including luxury vessel paint jobs. At special request from Princess Aisling, Lavigny’s Legion has been tasked with accepting shipments and protecting those who are transporting these valuable cargos. Combat bonds will be reimbursed for all wanted ships that are destroyed in the system.

Supply Mined Materials to Azimuth Biotech https://news.galnet.fr/supply-mined-materials-to-azimuth-biotech/ Thu, 01 Sep 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/supply-mined-materials-to-azimuth-biotech/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Azimuth Biotech has called on mining vessels to deliver raw materials to the Glorious Prospect megaship in the LHS 157 system.

The campaign was launched by the corporation’s acting CEO, Torben Rademaker:

“Our mission to continue developing anti-xeno technologies is currently hampered by a lack of resources to establish new facilities. Azimuth’s investment in the Proteus Wave project and related infrastructure was considerable. Meanwhile, the reckless actions of anarchists and political extremists have inhibited our recovery.”

“Generous credit payments are being offered for supplies of the following mined metals: cobalt, gallite and osmium. These can be delivered to the Glorious Prospect in the LHS 157 system.”

“With a suitably reinforced corporate infrastructure, Azimuth can regain its status as the premier organisation for xenological research in the core systems. Dedicated supporters will be granted access to the Mbooni system, should they not already have it.”

In recent weeks, Azimuth Biotech was forced to withdraw from the Maia, Merope and Qarato systems following a coordinated campaign by an organised group opposing Salvation. Currently the corporation maintains a single facility in Mbooni as well as Hind Mine starport in the T Tauri system.

Palin and Ram Tah Seek Unclassified Relics https://news.galnet.fr/palin-and-ram-tah-seek-unclassified-relics/ Fri, 19 Aug 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/palin-and-ram-tah-seek-unclassified-relics/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Two engineers who specialise in studying alien technology have requested deliveries of a newly discovered artefact.

Professor Ishmael Palin explained the details:

“These ‘unclassified relics’ – as they are currently known – are Guardian in origin. Traditionally such artefacts trigger a hostile reaction from any Thargoid technology introduced to it. But our preliminary studies show a molecular realignment of the artefact’s crystalline structure, resulting in something that emits both Guardian and Thargoid energy signatures.”

“This came to my attention only recently, unusual electromagnetic fields appeared on my sensors as CMDR Hurix approached Abel Laboratory while carrying one of these objects. I am now offering reimbursement to any pilots who can provide more relics for further study.”

Ram Tah provided a similar statement:

“This is an exciting development in the field of xenological research. For the very first time, Guardian and Thargoid systems have interacted to synthesise a new material. Initial data suggests this is now a consistent process whenever a Guardian relic interfaces with a Thargoid surface site. The first relic I saw was gratefully received from CMDR Demlagor’s team several days ago.”

“What is their purpose? Have we accidentally unlocked some transformative function that was always present? Or have the Thargoids reconsidered their technological adaptation in response to recent events in the HIP 22460 system? With the help of contributing pilots, my shared research project with Professor Palin may furnish us with answers.”

Unclassified relics can be delivered to Professor Palin at Abel Laboratory in the Arque system, or to Ram Tah at Phoenix Base in the Meene system.

Resources Supplied to Xeno-Retrieval Programme https://news.galnet.fr/resources-supplied-to-xeno-retrieval-programme/ Thu, 04 Aug 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/resources-supplied-to-xeno-retrieval-programme/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

A delivery campaign in the Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system has provided vital commodities to Azimuth Biotech.

The technical materials will enable Azimuth to analyse the salvaged wreckages of Thargoid vessels, following the activation of the Proteus Wave in the HIP 22460 system.

Captain Maxim Lagunov, commanding officer of the Glorious Prospect megaship, delivered a statement to conclude the initiative:

“Over the last week, I have been pleased to witness so many ships arriving at the Glorious Prospect in response to Director Rademaker’s request. Our cargo holds are now well stocked with HN shock mounts, micro controllers, neofabric insulation and radiation baffles. My crew are already arranging for these to be distributed to Azimuth’s xenological research centres.”

“Pilots who signed up to this campaign can now collect credit payments. We also have a limited stock of pre-engineered Guardian shard cannons, which have been ferried across from our sister ship Bright Sentinel, and these will be awarded to the most dedicated contributors.”

The Glorious Prospect will remain in the Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system alongside the Musashi, which is offering anti-xeno weaponry and redeeming Thargoid combat bonds. Two other Azimuth megaships, Bright Sentinel and Heart of Taurus, are in the nearby HIP 22460 system where the Proteus Wave project is approaching readiness.

Superweapon Construction Completed https://news.galnet.fr/superweapon-construction-completed/ Fri, 29 Jul 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/superweapon-construction-completed/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Work on the Proteus Wave in the HIP 22460 system has concluded, according to an announcement from Azimuth Biotech.

“This is Salvation. The core mechanism of the Proteus Wave is now fully assembled. Under my guidance, specialists are performing checks at the selected site on HIP 22460 10 b. Additional power capacitors are also being installed to improve energy transfer management.”

“Over the next few days, the Proteus Wave will be calibrated within one of the Thargoid structures, the unique properties of which will greatly amplify the weapon’s signal. This breakthrough was only made possible due to decades of xenological research conducted by Azimuth, alongside pioneering theories on cross-species interfaces.”

“Commodore Halloran reports that even greater numbers of Thargoid vessels have arrived within the Proteus Wave’s effective range. But it is now absolutely critical that they are prevented from approaching the planet. At all costs, the superweapon must be protected until it is ready for activation.”

The Allied, Federal and Imperial anti-xeno taskforces continue to engage Thargoid forces within the HIP 22460 system. Volunteers are still urgently needed to support their capital ships and take part in defending the Proteus Wave project. The Musashi, an Azimuth megaship in the nearby Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system, will redeem all Thargoid combat bonds.

Thargoid Salvage Operation Requires Resources https://news.galnet.fr/thargoid-salvage-operation-requires-resources/ Thu, 28 Jul 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/thargoid-salvage-operation-requires-resources/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Azimuth Biotech has called for commodities to be delivered to the Glorious Prospect in the Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system.

Director Torben Rademaker, head of strategic operations, outlined the new initiative:

“Once the Proteus Wave has eliminated the Thargoids, the second phase of our corporate strategy will commence. As per our agreement with the Alliance, Empire and Federation, Azimuth Biotech is licensed to collect limited quantities of any remaining non-human material in the HIP 22460 system. The powerless Thargoid vessels will be taken to specialised laboratories for examination, and the subsequent results shared with the superpowers’ military intelligence divisions.”

“Unfortunately, Azimuth has experienced significant losses in several systems, as a result of actions taken by ‘Operation Wych Hunt’ saboteurs. This has prevented us from setting up research labs and analytical equipment, delaying our xeno-retrieval programme considerably.”

“To counteract this setback, we require shipments of HN shock mounts, micro controllers and radiation baffles. The Glorious Prospect megaship stands ready in the Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system to receive these deliveries.”

As well as credit payments, Azimuth Biotech has agreed to make pre-engineered Guardian shard cannons available as an additional reward for pilots who transport the greatest volume of commodities.

Proteus Wave Approaches Completion https://news.galnet.fr/proteus-wave-approaches-completion/ Thu, 21 Jul 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/proteus-wave-approaches-completion/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

New Federal and Imperial capital ships have arrived in HIP 22460 as Azimuth Biotech’s operation nears its conclusion.

The following message was provided to all newsfeeds for public broadcast:

“This is Salvation. The Proteus Wave’s core mechanism will be fully constructed one week from today. We will then begin integration with the surface site on HIP 22460 10b, using designs of mine which are unique to the superweapon’s operation.”

“As anticipated, the Thargoid presence in the HIP 22460 system has escalated considerably. Providing the sufficient majority of their fleet is within range of the Proteus Wave, the casualties will be devastating enough to drive the Thargoids out of the core systems forever.”

“I urge all superpower-affiliated and independent ships to hold the line. Only through determination and sacrifice will we finish our crucial work.”

In HIP 22460, the Federal Navy and Imperial Navy have each deployed additional capital ships as the conflict has grown in scale and ferocity. These huge vessels are directing large-scale firepower against the Thargoids.

Independent pilots are also being incentivised to destroy the alien vessels, with opportunities to obtain Salvation’s pre-engineered Guardian gauss cannons. Thargoid combat bonds can be redeemed at the Musashi in the nearby Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system.

Azimuth Biotech’s campaign for Guardian artefacts, which form the most vital components of the Proteus Wave, is now in its final phase. Deliveries can be made to the Bright Sentinel megaship in HIP 22460 until Tuesday the 26th of July.

Azimuth’s Final Call for Guardian Artefacts https://news.galnet.fr/azimuths-final-call-for-guardian-artefacts/ Tue, 19 Jul 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/azimuths-final-call-for-guardian-artefacts/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The campaign to deliver Guardian artefacts to Azimuth Biotech in the HIP 22460 system has reached its third phase.

Commodore Morag Halloran outlined the final stage of the initiative:

“We have received an impressive number of Guardian caskets, orbs, relics, tablets, totems and urns at the Bright Sentinel over the past two weeks. Thanks to this supply, construction of the Proteus Wave has progressed satisfactorily.”

“However, Salvation has requested that further shipments of artefacts are sourced from Guardian sites. There can be no shortfall of these vital components, and the superweapon will make use of every one we can provide.”

“We have projected a substantial increase in the number of Thargoid vessels within HIP 22460, as they react to the increased concentration of technology created by their ancient enemies. AX fighters and squadrons are asked to continue engaging the enemy’s forces to provide safe passage for incoming transports.”

Pilots who previously contributed to this initiative can collect rewards from the Bright Sentinel megaship in HIP 22460, which is continuing to accept new shipments of Guardian artefacts.

Pilots Urged to Defend Proteus Wave Project https://news.galnet.fr/pilots-urged-to-defend-proteus-wave-project/ Thu, 14 Jul 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/pilots-urged-to-defend-proteus-wave-project/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

As the Thargoid presence increases in the HIP 22460 system, Azimuth Biotech and the superpowers call for reinforcements.

An urgent bulletin was transmitted from Commodore Morag Halloran aboard the Bright Sentinel:

“A series of actions by ‘Operation Wych Hunt’ saboteurs have resulted in delays to Azimuth Biotech’s supply infrastructure. As a result of these traitorous acts, we have been forced to amend the construction timetable for the Proteus Wave.”

“Salvation informs me that it will be approximately two more weeks until the weapon is fully assembled. This delay increases the Proteus Wave’s exposure to Thargoid intervention, potentially undermining the project. But we remain convinced that the majority of pilots are committed to ensuring a human victory.”

“After discussions with Admiral Atherton, Admiral Price and Admiral Ziegler, the coalition has agreed to provide funding for increased defences in HIP 22460. For the next two weeks, independent pilots can claim reimbursement for the hazardous task of engaging the Thargoids.”

“Thargoid combat bonds can be handed in at the Musashi megaship in the nearby Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system. The most dedicated Commanders by contribution will be rewarded with Salvation’s pre-engineered Guardian gauss cannons.”

Support Federal Strike Against Crime Syndicate https://news.galnet.fr/support-federal-strike-against-crime-syndicate/ Thu, 14 Jul 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/support-federal-strike-against-crime-syndicate/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Federation has offered bounties to hunt down all surviving Red Family ships in the Andowatye system.

Executive Agent Faisal Sacranie of the Federal Intelligence Agency released this statement:

“Information provided by the Proactive Detection Bureau revealed that the notorious Oberon Church has gathered his remaining followers in Andowatye. Our mission to take down the narcotics syndicate is not complete until its kingpin has been arrested and charged for his long list of crimes.”

“The FIA has authorised hiring independent pilots to act as auxiliaries for this operation. We are working closely with the United Andowatye Democrats, which has placed bounties on all wanted ships in this system.”

“It is crucial that our agents locate Oberon Church before he departs from the system. If we cannot eliminate his defenders in time, he may once again escape justice and re-establish his drugs empire from the shadows. We have a duty to all Federal citizens to prevent this from happening.”

The United Andowatye Democrats has confirmed that contributing pilots can redeem bounty vouchers at Bosch Station in the Andowatye system.

Guardian Artefact Initiative Enters Second Phase https://news.galnet.fr/guardian-artefact-initiative-enters-second-phase/ Tue, 12 Jul 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/guardian-artefact-initiative-enters-second-phase/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Azimuth Biotech has repeated its call for Guardian artefacts to be delivered to the HIP 22460 system.

Military coordinator Commodore Morag Halloran announced the details:

“Over the last week, many Commanders have scoured Guardian sites to collect artefacts and transport them to HIP 22460. We are grateful for their efforts, and payment is now available at the Bright Sentinel.”

“The Proteus Wave, currently being constructed aboard the megaship, requires increasing quantities of Guardian-based technology. Azimuth Biotech has confirmed the artefact acquisition initiative will continue for a second week and would like more pilots to take part.”

“Passage through the HIP 22460 system has become hazardous, with Thargoid vessels present in large numbers. The Allied, Federal and Imperial taskforces are striving to protect traders, as are independent AX fighters and squadrons. However, as the concentration of artefacts increases, it’s expected that the Thargoid presence will intensify. Pilots should remain on high alert while in the system.”

Guardian caskets, orbs, relics, tablets, totems and urns can all be delivered to the Bright Sentinel megaship, which remains in stationary orbit above HIP 22460 10b.

Guardian Artefacts Needed to Power Superweapon https://news.galnet.fr/guardian-artefacts-needed-to-power-superweapon/ Tue, 05 Jul 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/guardian-artefacts-needed-to-power-superweapon/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Azimuth Biotech urgently requires deliveries of Guardian artefacts to HIP 22460 as vital components of the Proteus Wave.

Salvation issued an official request to the Allied, Federal and Imperial taskforces, which was then shared via public channels:

“We have now begun assembly of the Proteus Wave. Our existing stockpile of Guardian material was sufficient to begin construction, but we must now establish a supply line capable of delivering the quantity needed to finish the weapon.”

Azimuth Biotech has established an initiative to encourage independent pilots to supply the Bright Sentinel megaship with Guardian commodities. Azimuth are also offering additional ship liveries to contributors.

Pilots can deliver any combination of Guardian caskets, orbs, relics, tablets, totems and urns to the Bright Sentinel megaship in the HIP 22460 system.

Salvation Prepares ‘Final Thargoid Battlefield’ https://news.galnet.fr/salvation-prepares-final-thargoid-battlefield/ Thu, 30 Jun 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://news.galnet.fr/salvation-prepares-final-thargoid-battlefield/ *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The HIP 22460 system will be the stage for a decisive strike against the Thargoids by Azimuth Biotech and the superpowers.

The following message was broadcast across all public channels:

“This is Salvation. Construction of the Proteus Wave has officially commenced. This version of my anti-xeno superweapon has been designed to bring absolute victory against our adversaries.”

“HIP 22460 will serve as the final battlefield in the Thargoid war. As with previous superweapons, we anticipate that the Guardian-based technology incorporated within the Proteus Wave will once again attract the Thargoids. However, this time it will eradicate the alien threat not just from the system, but from the entire galaxy.”

“Everyone who wishes to see this hostile species defeated once and for all should view this project as a call to arms. This is not a time for politics or debate. It is an opportunity to secure humanity’s continued survival.”

Azimuth Biotech megaships have entered the HIP 22460 system. Commodore Morag Halloran is coordinating the operation aboard the Bright Sentinel. The Heart of Taurus will serve as a delivery point for incoming resources. Two other megaships, Musashi and Glorious Prospect, are in the nearby Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system to provide further logistical support.

Alliance Defence Force, Federal Navy and Imperial Navy forces have also taken up positions in the HIP 22460 system. These ships have been modified for anti-xeno combat, as they expect to face Thargoid vessels in greater numbers than ever previously encountered. Military sources confirmed that although the ships’ experimental weaponry is being deployed somewhat prematurely, it should still prove effective.


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